Eco wireless radiator valves

Eco wireless radiator valves

Product Information

Eco Wireless radiator valves & wireless zone control

Zone each radiator in your home / office. Each radiator is fully programmable and replaces your old Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

Eco wireless radiator valves are designed to give maximum flexibility to a radiator based heating system.

Each valve retrofits to most standard radiators and is a direct replacement for existing thermostatic radiator valves.

The radiator can then be fully individually programmed for time and temperature so bedrooms can be heated at separate times to the lounge for example.

The eco valve is immediately ready for use out of the box, with time and date set to a factory program.

Setting of personal programs is easy with 3 buttons to set the time and temps for the week, day or block of days, as you would a boiler programmer.

Product Code: TEC-LW901


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